Six patted the ground where she stood lightly with her feet, feeling the worn soles of the horrifically filthy bunny slippers. Despite the gross aesthetic of the shoes, a smile stretched across her lips as she gazed down at them. “These new kicks are thE GREATEST,” she chirped, quickly squatting down to play with the torn, barely-fuzzy ears. “Don’t you think so?”


There was a “male characters as females” prompt on the kink meme, and I drew the Ms. Roberta House one initially. I sort of forgot that I’d also done The Queen and her badass gang, the Queens (presumably in a world where Elvis was a lady), and the friendly cowgirl securitron, Vicki.

So here, tumblr, bask in the glory that are my terrible mistakes.

You stay classy, Nelson.



Yes this did actually happen. My fault for assuming Boone’s rifle follows the laws of man and nature.

You know what’s a cute thought?

Some one finding a slightly beat up pair of those little kid sparkly jelly sandals with little flowers on it in the middle of the Wasteland and giving them to their daughter for her birthday .

Or  group of kids finding one of those cardboard kid books that have textures of various animals, and, despite it being hella dirty and gross, they all treasure  it b/c most those animals don’t exist anymore.

Or adventurous kids sporting aged and rusted friendship necklaces until their late teens.

Or a person finding an almost empty bottle of some bath and body works body spray or lotion or something under piles of rubble, and it smells so good to them that they keep it forever, waiting for the perfect moment to use it.

Or a person finding a cute hello kitty ring with a few gems missing, and giving it to their partner as an anniversary gift or as an actual engagement ring (since that’s what those pre-war romance novels say to do).

Just the small, seemingly worthless pre-war things falling into the hands of Wastelanders, and it becoming something really valuable to someone again.

Rare and unusual “Femme Fatale” ring pistol, originates from France, third quarter of the 19th century.